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Covid-19 Update #2

APRIL 2020

Many people now required to work from home are finding that they are struggling to do just that. For some it’s because there’s too many distractions and people at home, or just not enough space to work. Others are struggling with the impact that isolation has on their emotional wellbeing.

We have plenty of space (75 square m at Nicholson and 150 at Paisley) to enable safe distancing, and by temporarily removing meeting rooms have been able to spread desks out even further. We have also limited numbers of people allowed on premises to 10 at either facility (during the SoE).

Members are working together to ensure the safety of our little community by practising all recommended guidelines – washing hands as soon as we enter the building, frequent hand washing during the day, keeping a minimum of 1.5m distance from eachother, regular cleaning of shared surfaces and of course not coming to work if at all sick.

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