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The Idea Collective is lucky in that we have a fairly small coworking community and quite a lot of space to move in. The general public does not have uncontrolled access and entry is only by appointment, or by members with keys/access codes.

During Lockdowns
During lockdown only essential services are permitted to go to work. Whether a member can access our premises is dependent on their work classification and members should advise us IF they are able to attend the premises.

Covid Safety Plan

80 Paisley St Footscray

If you are at all unwell you should inform us via [email protected] and do not come into the office until you’ve been tested or contacted a doctor, and are symptom-free or have completed the 14 day quarantine period. Ensure you are checking the list of exposure sites and inform us if you think you may have been exposed – even if you have no symptoms.

All Idea Collective Members should apply the Six principles of COVIDSafe workplaces:

  • practice physical distancing, where possible
  • wear a face mask when required by Government regulations
  • practise good hygiene
  • keep electronic records and act quickly
  • avoid interactions in enclosed spaces
  • create workforce bubbles.

EVERYONE must check-in via QR code before entry

We ask that all Members and visitors wash their hands immediately on entering the premises and minimise time spent in common areas.


Global statistics show that vaccines reduce the chance of catching and spreading COVID-19, reduce the chance of hospitalisation, and reduce the chance of death from the virus.

Government regulations require most workers returning to a worksite to be fully vaccinated. Click for further information.

MASKS  Click for Vic Govt advice.

  • Masks are currently required indoors – unless you have a lawful exemption. Spare masks can be found under the bathroom sink. It is predicted that when Victoria hits the 90% double dose vaccination target (late Nov), masks will not be mandatory indoors.


  • The premises at 80 Paisley is 150 sq.m. which allows for 37 people on site under 4 sq.m. p/person density limits.
  • If you are in a shared room, at this stage allow a minimum of 4 sq.m. p/person. This means:

– 1 pax at a time in kitchen and bathroom.
– 2 pax in consulting room.
– 3 pax in meeting room.
– 3 pax in room 1.
– 4 pax in room 2 (with kitchenette).
– 4 pax in room 4 (centre room).

It is predicted that when Victoria hits the 90% double dose vaccination target (late Nov), caps or density quotients will be removed for all settings.


All visitors must check-in, follow COVID safe rules, and their time in common areas kept to a minimum. Members should wipe down common touchpoints after their visitors have left.


  • Clean hotdesks after use and wipe down common touchpoints regularly. Wipes and antibacterial sprays can be found under sinks.
  • Minimise touching of common surfaces.
  • Wash hands regularly with soap and water. Let us know if soap or hand towels need replenishing.
  • Carry your own hand sanitiser.
  • Cough or sneeze into your elbow, or a tissue which is then discarded.
  • Minimise touching your own face.

Contactless thermometers are available under the bathroom sink.

If any site user tests positive – everyone will be informed by phone or email and the site closed for 14 days.

Keep up to date with the latest COVID-19 advice via the DHHS website.

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