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Member-only Bookings

If you are an existing member but not yet a user of our booking systems and want to book a hotdesk or meeting/consulting room – shoot Liana an email to request access.

Terms and Conditions

Members of The Idea Collective, 80 Paisley St are required to submit an application form with personal and business details and provide identification. Full Members are allocated a private office OR dedicated workspace containing a desk, chair and shelving space which they can use exclusively on premises. All Members will be listed on the IC website (unless you request otherwise). Wifi and all bills are included. Access is 24/7 as required, however Membership rates are based on space usage being during normal business hours. Should a Member wish to work substantially out of normal business hours then a 5% surcharge would be applied to standard Membership. “Fair use” of the meeting room is included (between 30 mins p/d to 2hrs p/w depending on Membership level). Additional meeting room use will incur an extra hourly fee and this should be arranged by emailing the Facilitator (Liana).

Full Members can choose which of the available spaces to occupy, but there may be circumstances where the Member is requested by the Facilitator to relocate to a different space within the premises. Members can also request a move themselves.

Membership fees & security deposits
With the exception of Meeting/Consulting Room Pass users, Full Membership is paid monthly in advance. Full Members will pay a security deposit (bond) equal to a month’s Membership and is paid before or with the first month’s Membership. Bond will be held in trust and acts as a Security Deposit. If you cause damage, are in rent arrears or do not give appropriate notice of intent to terminate, the IC will claim some or all of the bond. Your bond and monthly Membership fee are separate payments and you may not treat any part of the bond as Membership fee. Full Members are to give at least one calendar month notice of their intention to vacate and their Membership fees must be fully paid up at the time of notice. If the Member vacates the premises without notice, the full bond will be held in lieu of notice. If the Member gives notice without paying Membership fees in advance, they will be given 7 days to vacate and refunded 1 week’s worth of bond, provided other bond conditions have been met.

No reason is necessary for a member to give notice, and conversely, no reason is necessary for the IC to give a Member notice to vacate. We understand that sometimes, sharing space just doesn’t work out.

Bond conditions
Bond will be returned provided the following conditions are met:
1. Appropriate notice is given as above.
2. The Member’s personal possessions have been completely removed and any keys have been returned.
3. The space is left in the same condition it was found and there has been no damage. Members may not nail or drill holes, mark, or permanently alter any fittings or any part of the premises without written permission.
4. No items belonging to the IC or other Members have been removed by the vacating Member.

Consideration of others
We operate under the assumption that we are all fair and reasonable adults and will be respectful of one another in a shared space; that no member shall discriminate against or harm another member for any reason; that any issue can be resolved fairly and peacefully. We also understand however that there can be grey areas and some things need to be ruled on. The following are based on our current belief system but can potentially be modified or updated following appropriate discussions between Members and the Facilitator.

In a shared space, every effort must be made to keep personal sounds low. If you need to have a long or loud personal conversation, you should make every effort to move it away from others.

If music is played out loud you should ensure that it is not intrusive for others and that they are comfortable with you doing so. Of course musical taste is subjective but we believe a happy medium can be found. Neutral is best. If a type of music is too challenging for another Member – it shouldn’t be played out loud. Members are encouraged to share their preferences with each other in an open and relaxed manner. Otherwise – perhaps stick to earphones!

The Facilitator is responsible for general maintenance of common areas but Members should clean up after themselves in those common areas (including doing their own dishes and putting things away) and keep their own space clean and tidy (including emptying bins in private rooms). Cloths and dusters can be found in the kitchen/bathroom as well as brooms, brushes, pans and vacuum cleaner. The bins go out Thursday nights (and brought in Friday mornings) – this will often be done by the facilitator, but your help in doing so is much appreciated. Personal items should NOT be left in common areas. A cleaner comes once a fortnight to sweep, vacuum, dust and wipe down any cleared areas. The cleaner will not move items, so if you want something wiped, take things off it. Dust can be an issue in old buildings so generally avoid putting anything on window ledges or tops of bookshelves, so they can be kept clean.

Food & bev
Basic tea, coffee and milk is provided for all Members in the common area kitchen. Specialty beverages and alcohol are not provided. Ensure that any food or bev you bring in does not take over the common space – be reasonable. For example it wouldn’t be OK to fill the fridge with your own stuff or cover the kitchen bench with personal items. If you specifically don’t want people to use your things, label them or keep them in your own cupboard. As a general rule, if it’s in the kitchen and unlabelled, it’s public property and may be consumed or thrown out. Ensure you clean up after yourself and do not leave food spatters or crumbs around. PLEASE do not leave out of date food in the fridge. Please try not to drop food or drinks on the carpet and if you do – clean it up.

Visitors are welcome, provided they don’t impact on the ability of other Members to work. So quiet kids who stick by mum or dad are fine but noisy kids who run around are not. Visitors MUST NOT be given keys or security access codes. Unique short term codes can be supplied to guests if required.

The front door is always closed and locked so the only people who have access are Members. Members must not copy or give keys or security codes to any associate without prior approval of the Facilitator. Keys and security codes are only given to Members who have had appropriate identification checks by the Facilitator.

All new Members fill out the same application form and provide identification. More details are available on the form. Personal details are kept confidential and not shared with any third parties.

The IC has Professional Indemnity / Public Liability insurance. Valuables are not covered and Members should check with their insurance company as to whether their existing policies extend to the Idea Collective.

Special events
The Facilitator may at times arrange special events outside of normal business hours. These will be marked on the online booking calendar. If a full member wants to hold a special event, they need to discuss it with the Facilitator and an appropriate fee may be required.

Smoking is not permitted anywhere indoors. No pets indoors sorry but they can be put in our fenced backyard if visiting for the day.

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