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Virtual Office Address

Protect your identity and address, or meet ASIC’s registered office requirements, with a quality Melbourne registered office address.

You’ll have a professional business presence in one of Melbourne’s hottest up-and-coming areas. And you can also access our well-appointed meeting rooms or desk spaces.

Buy now and your registered business address will be a Suite at 80 Paisley St Footscray 3011.

What’s the advantage of a virtual address over a PO Box?

PO boxes are used to receive mail and packages without having to give out your private address. If that’s all you need, great. However in Australia, to register your business, you must provide an address – and the address cannot be a PO box. But a virtual office address is a perfect solution because the registered business address does not need to be the primary place of business.


For many people, their primary place of business is their home. The address that you register your business with is listed publicly by the ASIC. If this address is your home address, you give up your privacy and are potentially putting your safety at risk.


Even if you were to put aside concerns of privacy, a virtual office address looks significantly more professional than a PO Box on a business card. By using the address provided by your virtual office, you can present your business as more professional and also protect your privacy.


Footscray is an exciting, up-and-coming area, and by having a business address here, you’ll be associated with that excitement and energy. And if your home location is changeable or doesn’t represent the market you actually want to be working with, then you could better attract the right clients or work by using our address.

Do I still need a PO Box?

If you need to receive ordinary mail (aside from ASIC or Google business registration mail) then yes – you will need a PO Box or other mailing address. We don’t provide ordinary mail handling services. We are also unable to accept mail or deliveries requiring a signature.

Any other advantages?

We’re a real office space with bookable rooms and desks! So if you need to meet a client, you can just come to your already registered business address instead of having to find a quiet cafe in the area.

  • Virtual address for your business.
  • FREE collection of Google business verification postcard and email notification of card’s arrival.
  • Ability to access our office for client meetings or to work in.

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